BMS Frontend.

Full featured frontend for Bridge Management System. Analysis, photo management, defect tracking, inspections and safety assessments.

BMS Frontend

Civil engineering firm



My Role

Fullstack Senior Developer, Data analyst


Blazor Server, HTML, CSS


ASP.NET Core 8, Entity Framework Core 8


Azure SQL


Google APIs, legacy BMS system, Mailjet, Azure Functions

Publishing platform

Microsoft Azure


A Bridge Management System is a SaaS (Software as a Service) designed for managing analysis, photos, and defect tracking offers a comprehensive digital platform tailored specifically for bridge maintenance and inspection teams.  
This cloud-based service provides tools for detailed structural analysis, enabling engineers to assess bridge health accurately.  
It facilitates the organization and storage of high-resolution photographs of bridges, allowing for easy visualization of potential issues.  
Additionally, the platform streamlines defect tracking, enabling users to pinpoint, document, and follow up on structural weaknesses or damages over time.  
With great collaboration features, the service ensures that team members can share insights, updates, and reports efficiently, improving decision-making processes and maintenance workflows.  
This SaaS solution is indispensable for municipality, engineering firms, and infrastructure management companies aiming to enhance the longevity and safety of bridge structures through meticulous monitoring and maintenance.  


Integration with existing legacy BMS backend, developed on an old PHP base.  
Adding new functionality like Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Geocoding.  
Role based management mixing old legacy users and new frontend administrators.  

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