Event Management System.

Comprehensive event management tool for effortless organization, featuring invitation dispatch, attendee management, and real-time analytics.

Event Management System

Rome Multimedia Factory



My Role

Fullstack Senior Developer, Instructor


Blazor Webassembly & Blazor Server, HTML, CSS




ASP.NET Core 7/8, Entity Framework Core 7


Microsoft SQL Server


Azure Service Bus, Auth0, Stripe, Brevo

Publishing platform

Microsoft Azure


The Event Management System (EMS) is a software solution designed to facilitate the planning, execution, and management of events.  
This system offers tools for every aspect of event management, from initial planning stages through to post-event analysis.  
EMS is used across various sectors for organizing a wide range of events, including conferences, trade shows, fairs, and corporate functions.  
It provides an integrated platform for managing all event-related tasks, including sending invitation emails, registering participants, scheduling events, managing access, tracking attendance, and analyzing event success.  
By automating and streamlining event planning and execution processes, an EMS helps event organizers save time, reduce costs, and improve the overall experience for both organizers and attendees.


Migration from old .NET Framework Razor pages project to new Blazor Webassembly and Web API project.  
Training of new developers and retraining of those already present in the company.  
Revision and migration of all satellite applications, like mobile app from Xamarin to MAUI and frontdesk application from Winforms to Blazor.  
Integration of Azure Service Bus for partners events communication.  

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